Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Exit Tech List!

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No Exit Tech Crew
Summer Show 2012

TD - Marissa Cheifetz
ATD - Kelsey Gold
ATD - Katy Meyer
SM - Allison Crisostomo
Lights - Shane Hennessey
Asst. Lights - Courtney Licata
Asst. Lights - Tom Schrank
Sound - Kelly Dickinson
Asst. Sound - Emily Jo McKnight
Props - Kat Pernicone
Costumes - Lauren Kolodkin
Costumes - Emily Jo McKnight
Hair/Make-up - Lauren Kolodkin
Set Design - Preston Weir
Set Dec - Brittany Haynes
Asst. Set Dec - Emily Shumsky
Asst. Set Dec - Desiree Okoh
MC - Andrew Smith
Build - Lily Yao
Build - Preston Weir
Build - Steve Marois
Will Wheeler - Clark
Will Wheeler - Jimmy Ikeda 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

BUSTies 2012 Winners!

BUSTies Winners
Fall 2011 and Spring 2012

Best Show, Fall: All My Sons
Best Show, Spring: columbinus
Best Director, Fall: Chris Hamilton, Bug
Best Director, Spring: Chris Hamilton, columbinus
Best Technical Director, Fall: Kirsten Fukayama, All My Sons
Best Technical Director, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda, Speech & Debate
Best Producer, Fall: Kelsey Gold, Bug
Best Producer, Spring: Chris Hamilton, The Vibrator Play
Best Ensemble Cast, Fall: The cast of All My Sons
Best Ensemble Cast, Spring: The cast of columbinus
Best Actor, Fall: Travis Cherry as Joe Keller in All My Sons
Best Actor, Spring: Ryan Chernin as Loner/Dylan Klebold in columbinus
Best Actress, Fall: Margot Mache as Hedda Gabler in Hedda Gabler
Best Actress, Spring: Kaitlin Bresee as Diwata in Speech & Debate
Best Supporting Actor, Fall: Adrian Burke as Chris Keller in All My Sons
Best Supporting Actor, Spring: Albert Paez as Paul Zara in Farragut North
Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Molly Bourque as Charlotte in A Little Night Music
Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Fiona Bryson as Mrs. Daldry in The Vibrator Play
Best Cameo Performance, Fall: Ilana Berman as Berta in Hedda Gabler
Best Cameo Performance, Spring: Joe Reed as Ben in Farragut North
Best Stage Management, Fall: Allison Crisostomo, Hedda Gabler
Best Stage Management, Spring: Ally Edgar and Julie Kaminski, columbinus
Best Set Design, Fall: Andrew Clark, All My Sons
Best Set Design, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play
Best Set Decoration, Fall: Dani Freiberg, All My Sons
Best Set Decoration, Spring: Brittany Haynes and Courtney Licata, The Vibrator Play
Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Preston Weir, A Little Night Music
Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play
Best Lighting Design, Fall: Jake Shauli, Hedda Gabler
Best Lighting Design, Spring: Shane Hennessey, columbinus
Best Sound Design, Fall: Roman Perry & Mike Carollo, Hedda Gabler
Best Sound Design, Spring: Sarah Kuranda, columbinus
Best Costume Design, Fall: Katie Rangel & Katrina De Rosa, A Little Night Music
Best Costume Design, Spring: Kim Curhan & Juliette Vandame, The Vibrator Play
Best Hair/Make-up Design, Fall: Stephanie Gray & Emily Jo McKnight, Hedda Gabler
Best Hair/Make-up Design, Spring: Lauren Kolodkin, The Vibrator Play
Best Props Design, Fall: Vijayta Narang, Bug
Best Props Design, Spring: Dani Freiberg and Kelsey Gold, The Vibrator Play
Best Gore Execution, Fall: Dani Freiberg, Bug
Best Projection, Spring: Sam Hoffman, Speech & Debate
Best Special Project, Fall: Baby Talk: A Case Study in One Act, directed by Andrew Smith
Best Special Project, Spring: Toy Story, directed by Dani Freiberg
Best Actor in a Special Project, Fall: Chris Hamilton as Baby in Baby Talk
Best Actor in a Special Project, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda as Sid in Toy Story
Best Actress in a Special Project, Fall: Melinda Frimpong as Doris in Early Morning
Best Actress in a Special Project, Spring: Molly Bourque as Ginny in For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

SAAD Executive Board Recipient: Danielle Freiberg
SAAD General Membership Recipient: Chris Hamilton

Rookie of the Year: Cilicia Rios
Unsung Hero: Kevin Ang

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Exit Cast!

Garcin- Ryan Chernin
Inez- Allie Romano
Estelle- Amy Sullivan
Valet- Vishaal Reddy

Garcin Understudy- Vishaal Reddy
Valet Understudy- Tom Murphy
Inez/Estelle Understudy- Ramona Ostrowski

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I understand it's pouring outside...but for those who missed the Final General Meeting of  the year, YOU MISSED A GOOD ONE. Here's the rundown:
First, a hearty congratulations to all involved in 'The Vibrator Play' and the One Acts Festival this weekend!! They were both hysterical and wonderful and we can't imagine a better end to the semester!

Next, a HUGE congratulations is in order to our newly appointed Technical Advisor Andrew Smith! The new E-Board is now complete and we're so excited to see them do their thing in the upcoming year (although I'm not ready to give up my mailing duties just yet....)
BUSTies this year is in the SMG Ballroom on May 2nd!! The cost for BUSTies is $5, and if  you were not at the General Meeting tonight, then you MUST find Allie Romano and Chris Hamilton at some point during the week to get your money to them! NO MONEY WILL BE TAKEN AT THE DOOR. They will be letting you all know of their availability during the week, so keep an eye on the Facebook group!

If you were unable to vote for BUSTies and want to send in an absentee ballot, the deadline to do so is TONIGHT at midnight to Chris Hamilton at
***Summer Show***
Staying in Boston for the summer and are eager to act? Then audition for summer show! The summer show is 'No Exit' Written by Jean-Paul Sarte and Directed by Chris Hamilton. Auditions will be Monday, April 23rd in CAS 223 and Tuesday, April 24th in CAS 312 from 6pm-9pm. Be sure to print out an audition form beforehand, found here:

If you want to TECH for summer show then email Danielle Freiberg at
***Space Cleaning***
In order for your show to qualify for BUSTies, each show must put in at least 40 hours of  Space Cleaning time! That's right on Saturday, April 28th ALL techies/actors must come to the space and do some major revamping. It's fun and a great way to spend time with friends so don't skip it!

Stage Troupe T-Shirts are in!! If you purchased one in the beginning of the semester or want to buy one (they are super awesome) then email! They're only $15!

Stay dry and stay happy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The end of the year is fast approaching, but there is still much to be discussed and so 
much going on that simply cannot be overlooked!!

We have the final General Meeting, BUSTies, and Summer Show Auditions, so PLEASE read this entire message!!!


So sad, I know. But, at the meeting you'll be able to vote for BUSTies Awards! BUSTies, as you made have heard, is our annual end of the year shindig where we embarrass our loved ones and commemorate our friends for all of the hard work they did this past year! This year it will be on May 2nd in the SMG Ballroom.

It's our little way of saying thank you to everyone for all they have
accomplished, so be sure to come to the General Meeting tomorrow to
cast your vote for these super cool awards!!! (They're a sight to see
as well...)

***BUSTies is $5*** Allie Romano and Chris Hamilton will be accepting
money at the General Meeting tomorrow, BUT NOT AT THE DOOR TO THE

***Summer Show Auditions***

Staying in Boston this summer, and looking to perform?? Do you want to get prospective freshmen excited about theater at BU?!? Then audition for Summer Show! Summer Show this year is 'No Exit' Written by Jean-Paul Sarte and Directed by Chris Hamilton. It's a really fun process where you get to perform for 8 weeks throughout the summer to each Orientation Group! It's an incredible opportunity, especially if
you're on campus and looking for ways to get involved.


Be sure to print out an audition form beforehand, found here:

That's all for now!!! Be sure to come to the General Meeting tomorrow
to get all the info you need about our awesome events and to cast your vote for all your friends!

And...if you haven't seen One Acts TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT YOU WILL

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plans for the Weekend....

Did you really wanna take that cute girl on a date, but realized that your mom forgot to put money in your bank account? Did you just waste your entire paycheck on pizza and forgot to save some for a night out with friends?? ....WELL FEAR NOT!!!

This weekend do not miss the Stage Troupe Spring One Acts Festival!!!! (Otherwise known as 'He Can't Go out There because of the Blizzard as reported by the Southern Belle on the News')

I think the title pretty much says it all, but we have poor presidential imposters, creepy couples, an abundance of glass cocktail stirrers, and really bipolar newscasters. If that doesn't sound intriguing, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

These spectacular One Acts are:
He Can't Go Out There!- Written by Kelly Dickinson and Directed by Julie Kaminski
The Blizzard- Directed by Celia Gibson
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls- Directed by Travis Cherry
Exposition News- Written and Directed by Joe Gambino

All performances will be held at 8pm on Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st in Jacob Sleeper Auditorium. The best part about One Acts is...IT'S FREE!!! So you don't even have to worry about messing up that date night.

So come out, sit back, and enjoy the show!! You'll be sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have you ever had this sensation?!?

"It's always Wednesday, I find. Smack in the middle of the week. With nothing to look forward to, but...."

Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Melissa D'Anna, Assistant Director Marissa Cheifetz
Technically Directed by Kirsten Fukayama
Produced by Chris Hamilton

Performances will be held at the Agganis Student Theater at 925Commonwealth Avenue (right in the alleyway between FitRec and theArena) on:
Thursday, April 12th at 8pm
Friday, April 13th at 8pmSaturday,
April 14th at 8pm

Tickets will be $6 for General Admission and $5 for Stage Troupe Members.

IN THE NEXT ROOM OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY takes place during the dawn of electricity, and thanks to "Benjamin Franklin and his electrical key" a new invention has been manufactured to help cure "hysteria" in women. This radical invention is know as....the VIBRATOR.

Soon women (and men) from all over are visiting the renowned scientist Dr. Givings, and are beginning to experience sensations they have never felt before. With just the flick of a switch emotions reach new heights and new life has emerged. Yet, this play isn't just about the perks of technology, it is also about love, something Thomas Edison could never invent!

This insanely hilarious production is one you must see to believe!! Get ready for the excitement and the passion and see what all the BUZZ is about!

At the THURSDAY performance, Good Vibrations will have a booth set up in the lobby of the Student Theater complete with antique vibrators and catalogs of their merchandise. ALONG WITH THAT, they will be holding a $2 raffle at intermission (you must be $18+ to enter) with prizes ranging up to $150 in cash value!!! (Maybe someone will get a nifty piece of machinery for "home use...")

For more information on this amazing store, check them out at, on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @GoodVibesToys!! And be sure to check out this show any of the other two nights as well!

"Why don't you come see me in the operating theater. The electricity is back on..."